Keynote Speakers and Plenaries

8:30 - 9:00 AM  |  Monday  |  Gold / Silver

Welcome Address

APPI President Erin O'Neill, RPP and Conference Co-Chairs Tara Steell, RPP and Connor Smith, RPP


9:00 - 10:00 AM  |  Monday  |  Gold / Silver

Keynote SpeakerKaren Dawson
Building Collaborative Intelligence (while getting real work done) 

Learning Units: 1.0

“Collaboration isn’t about gluing together existing egos. It’s about the ideas that never existed until after everyone entered the room.” – Someone Very Smart

When a group deliberately unleashes its collaborative intelligence, they out-think, out-innovate, and out-problem solve even the smartest individuals. Using activities to engage participants in learning-by-doing, this keynote will provide a fresh perspective on the drivers of collaborative intelligence and describe what the best-of-the-best do differently. A combination of “lecturette” and “take this for a test drive on your real work” will revitalize participants’ perspectives on what’s possible in their respective corners of the world.

Karen Dawson helps leaders and organizations fuel collaborative intelligence for bolder results with part think tank, part consultancy Deeper Funner Change. Based in the US and Canada, Deeper Funner facilitates game-changing initiatives that shift culture, leadership, and teams. Supporting projects lasting from 90 days to three years, Karen is known for asking provocative questions and curating experiences that help leaders (and their teams) to get unstuck and moving forward on things that matter. The results: clients build collaborative capacity quickly, while tackling thorny organizational problems.


12:00 - 1:30 PM |  Monday  |  Gold / Silver

APPI Planning Awards Presentation and Luncheon


1:30 - 3:00 PM  |  Monday  |  Gold / Silver

Plenary - Alberta’s Land-use Framework: Are we on the right path to planning for sustainability and what is your role as a professional in it?

Learning Units: 1.5

Since 2008 the Alberta Land-use Framework has set out a path to revitalize land use and environmental and resource planning across the province. Ten years later, there are some important questions we should be asking – What has been done? Where are we today? Going forward, where do we not only want to go, but need to go?  What role do professional planners need to play in this formative Provincial planning system?

Within these big questions are a series of nested questions such as – What is Regional Planning? How does it integrate with and impact municipal planning? What does compliance with a Regional Plan mean?  How are Indigenous people involved in Regional Planning? What is an Air Quality, Surface Water Quality, Surface Water Quantity, Groundwater, Tailings, or Biodiversity Environmental Management Framework?  What role do planners need to play in developing and implementing a Regional Plan and/or Framework?

Through a series of presentations and facilitated discussions we will work to answer these questions to build understanding and provide the Government of Alberta important professional insight on where planners feel planning in Alberta needs to go.

Join us and make history?

Facilitator – Judy May-McDonald, RPP, MCIP, Project Management Lead and Specialist, Alberta Environment and Parks

Scott Duguid, Acting Executive Director, Alberta Land Use Secretariat,
Jason Cathcart, Director, Regional Planning, Alberta Land Use Secretariat
Kim Lalonde, Regional Planning Director, Alberta Environment and Parks
Amanda Halawell and Mathieu Lebel, Regional Planning Leads, Alberta Environment and Parks


10:45 - 11:45 AM  |  Tuesday  |  Gold / Silver

Closing Plenary: Mike Lydon
Short-term Action for Long-term Change: How Tactical Urbanism Can Help Revitalize Your Neighorhood... Today!

Learning Units: 1.0

Tactical Urbanism has become one of North America's most talked about approaches to community building. That's great! But what is it, really? And how can you do it your community? This plenary session will offer global insight into how cities and citizens collaborate in the transformation of streets public spaces, and the revitalization of underutilized property using short-term,  low-cost, and scalable projects. 

Mike Lydon is the founding Principal of Street Plans, an award-winning planning, design, and research-advocacy firm based in Miami and New York City, and an internationally recognized planner, writer, and advocate for livable cities. NPR, The New York Times, ABC News,  Wired, Smithsonian Magazine, and Architect Magazine have featured his work, among many other publications. With his partner Tony Garcia, Mike is the recipient of the 2017 Seaside Prize and co-author of Tactical Urbanism: Short-term Action for Long-term Change, published by Island Press in 2015 and named by Planetizen as one of the top 10 planning books of the year. Mike received a B.A. in American Cultural Studies from Bates College and a Masters in Urban Planning from the University of Michigan. He lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife and son, and encourages you to trade four wheels for two.